Rides to Eat

The Castle Road, Pilsner RTE June 2014

For our second IBA European RTE of the year we were going to the Pilsner factory in the Czech Republic. We didn’t want to hammer down the motorway to Pilsner then do the same on the way back so we extended the trip by a couple of days to make it more interesting.

Kevin worked …

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I Can’t Believe it’s not Wetter! Aalborg RTE April 2014

It’s official, Denmark doesn’t hate us any more! I’m pretty sure that every time we’ve ridden through Denmark it’s been tipping down with rain. Today it didn’t. In fact, it was glorious. This is our first trip of the year – an Iron Butt Europe Ride to Eat to Aalborg – ostensibly to visit the …

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IBA UK Seville RTE, October 2013 (BBG2500km)

While the rest of England was basking in Hurricane Horrid we were enduring the sort of riding that only beautiful weather can provide…mostly.

The target was Seville in Southern Spain for an Iron Butt UK Ride to Eat on Saturday. Kevin suggested we tried a BunBurner Gold ride on our way down and, being a …

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IBA Germany RTE Brest

Apart from a short ride last weekend, this was our first ride since January – a quick blast down to the Westernmost point of France, the Pointe de Coursen, where the Atlantic meets the Channel. We crossed to France late on Friday evening and stayed in Calais for the night, leaving early the following morning. …

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Millau Viaduct Oct 2012

We’d been to and over the Millau bridge several times and were quite busy so hadn’t planned to attend this RTE. A couple of weeks before it, during an unrelated conversation with Paul (‘Tydee’), he asked if we were going. Paul was riding down with another Paul (‘Westie’) and always finds good routes so we …

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Lithuania 2010 – Centre of Europe (Journey to the Centre of the Earth)

Thursday 21st October and our trip started as they usually do – late! This time we were waiting in for the Poland and Lithuania maps to arrive. Despite having 2 GPS’s Kevin thought that maps would be required ‘just in case’ and we’d discovered the day before that we didn’t have any for the region.

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Romania 2010 – Dracula Ride

Every couple of months there is an IBA UK ‘Ride to Eat’ somewhere on the continent where riders converge on a spot for a photo and a meal. In August 2010 the designated spot was Poienari Castle near Curtes de Arges in Romania (Dracula country). Having never been to Romania we decided to head down for …

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