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Iron Butt Rally 2013

Leg: 01-04 July 2013

Following the evening meal we were presented with our bonus packs and after what seemed like an interminable series of questions were released to go to our rooms to work out our routes. In previous years bonus values had increased for legs two and three. With that in mind we intended …

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Are We Ready to Dance?

There was an email message from Vodafone waiting for us when we woke up telling us our mobiles had finally been unlocked. Yesterday’s complaints via ‘phone and email obviously had the desired result so we can now use our mobiles without breaking the bank.

Despite having a relaxed morning and a bit of a lie …

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Heading North

While we’re here we thought we’d see if we could visit enough National Parks etc. to qualify for the IBA National Parks Tour award; we need to go to at least 50 sites in 25 states. We certainly won’t have time to properly visit most of the places, which is a shame as there are …

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US Coast to Coast (50CC)

We had a lovely evening with Mary at an ‘English pub’ called Churchill’s where they did English food and lots of beer (not for us, though). It was a very popular venue, being ‘wings night’ where they were doing a roaring trade in what looked like Ostrich wings (again – there must be a glut …

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Fire & Ice SS1000 – Iceland May 2013

When we were in Iceland last year with John and Sonia, Kevin wanted to do a Saddlesore 1000 round the island (1000 miles in less than 24 hours) but none of the rest of us did as we were ‘on holiday’. Roll forward 10 months and we were on Iceland again, this time specifically to …

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IBA Germany RTE Brest

Apart from a short ride last weekend, this was our first ride since January – a quick blast down to the Westernmost point of France, the Pointe de Coursen, where the Atlantic meets the Channel. We crossed to France late on Friday evening and stayed in Calais for the night, leaving early the following morning. …

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European End-to-End 2010 (IBA Finland GN-72)

The Challenge

To ride from one end of Europe to the other (Nordkapp to Gibraltar) in 72 hours


I’m sitting here writing this looking out over the most beautiful view I’ve seen this year. It’s 22:18 and the sun is still in the sky where it will apparently remain all night; the …

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