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Rob’s Grim Rider web site was an excellent source for finding interesting places to visit. As well as an annual charity ride you’d have found a number of other themed rides on there that would take you to places you may not have thought of visiting. Clicking on a logo below will show you the pictures we have for those rides.

Sadly these rides are no longer available.

Rob also worked with Chris McGaffin of IBA Ireland to devise the Wolfhound Rally.

Rob’s charity ride for 2012. We were quite pleasantly surprised when we looked at the pictures Rob supplied as we liked a lot of these sculptures.
We liked the 2011 challenge as we love visiting castles and there were a lot on the list we hadn’t yet visited. Trouble is we started early in the year and most of them were still closed for Winter. Others were closed because of the time we arrived. We’ll just have to go back for a proper visit at another time.
(16/16) Ride Complete
The 2010 challenge was Battlefields and we took a week off work at the end of March intending to visit all of the sites. Heavy snow in Scotland followed by a tyre-ripping chunk of flint on the way to Winceby and recovery home thwarted our attempts. After deleting and overwriting 3 battlefield photo’s, representing about 1000 miles of riding, before they had been downloaded we began to wonder whether we would ever complete this ride! In August, after a long weekend in Scotland, all the mainland photo’s were safely on the PC. We picked up the optional Battle of the Boyne site in Ireland after the 2011 Wolfhound Rally.
(16/16) Ride Complete
 Our appetites were further whetted when we did Rob’s April 2010 Treasure Hunt which introduced us to the some of his other rides. We are gradually working our way through some very interesting, some may say eccentric, sights whilst all the time finding some terrific riding roads.
 During 2009 we visited all the UK’s National Parks having been previously oblivious to the fact there are 15 of them. In doing so we came across some beautiful places and some very biker-friendly roads.
(15/15) Ride Complete
(17/17) Ride Complete
This ride appeared on Rob’s web site in August 2011 and spun out of the 2011 Brit Butt Light Wolfcub Rally.
(15/15) Ride Complete
(40/40) Ride Complete
We visited most of these during a trip round Scotland in early April 2011 designed to mop up lots of GR waypoints and the weather was pretty appalling. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to get to them all.
We had a couple of weekends in Wales during March 2011 and managed to nab all the counties during those days except for the bridge in Monmouth that we had already taken a photo of during the Brit Butt Rally in 2010.
(13/13) Ride Complete
What a quirky thing to find! We didn’t know there were so many varieties of Letter Box. Sad to think that sooner or later they will all be a thing of the past.
(15/15) Ride Complete
Living on an island and being divers (even if it has lapsed a bit lately) the Lifeboats have played their part in our lives so it has been good to visit some of the lifeboat stations.
(15/15) Ride Complete
All of these land marks were created as part of the millennium celebrations in 1999.
(15/15) Ride Complete
Mountain Passes are a rider’s dream. Living in the South East as we do there aren’t any locally so this is a great excuse to go out and ride some.
(15/15) Ride Complete
A pub-crawl with a difference! All these pubs have very quirky names.
(15/15) Ride Complete
Standing stones and stone circles. 
(15/15) Ride Complete
(15/15) Ride Complete

Thanks Rob for letting us use your logos.
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