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Iceland Trip 29 June – 15 July 2012

Part 1: The Faroe Islands

“Where are you going for your holiday?” “Iceland”

This usually elicited the response “Ask them for our money back” or “Can you get me a bag of chips”… Ha ha, everyone’s a joker!

This trip was going to be to Russia originally, with our friends John and Sonia, but Sonia …

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German Butt Rally 2012

We were looking forward to this, our third rally organised by IBA Germany, and set off with keen anticipation of a great weekend. We had been sent the waypoints in advance and, whilst we hadn’t attempted to plan a route yet as the points per waypoint hadn’t been distributed, we’d already had a look at …

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Brit Butt Rally 2012

or ‘How to go from 2nd to 22nd in a short telephone conversation’

Our rally reports are usually on the web site shortly after the rally has finished while the detail is still fresh in our minds but it’s been over a month since the rally and we’ve only just started this one. We nearly …

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A BISSI Few Days!

It started off well. I managed to get my holiday extended to include the Friday before the week I’d already booked so instead of heading to Peterborough by train to meet Kevin after work on Friday, I found myself being woken at 04:00 ready for the start of a week of rides. We had packed …

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Welsh SaddleSore 1000 – April 2012

You know what it’s like on the forums, someone poses a question then everyone has an opinion. Well this ride all started because someone asked if it would be possible to do an SS1000 entirely in Wales. Opinions varied and there were all sorts of estimates as to how many receipts would be required to …

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FHB48: To Hell (and Bach) April 2012

Hell hadn’t quite frozen over but it was a close-run thing. As we journeyed to Hell (just outside Trondheim in Norway) it was becoming obvious that winter hadn’t really given up its hold on the country. Rivers had blocks of ice tossed to either side as if they’d been moved by a giant snowplough, some …

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Wolfhound Rally 2011


I’m still sleepy despite two really good nights’ sleep and I have muscle aches where I didn’t know I had muscles! Why? Our latest rally, the Wolfhound.

Designed by Chris McGaffin of IBA Ireland and Robert Roalfe, aka Grim Rider, the Wolfhound was a 2-leg UK and Ireland rally run over 75 hours and …

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Going for Golds: SS2000 and UK 4 Corners (25-26 June 2011)

It started with me agreeing to a very innocent-sounding “How do you fancy doing a UK 4 Corners Gold?” which was then quickly followed by a “and we can try to extend it to an SS2000 Gold on the way home, I don’t think anyone has done one of those in the UK yet.”.

We’d …

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100 years, 1000 miles, 30 hours…

The Isle of Man Snaefell Mountain Course is 100 years old this year and between 5–7 May an International group of IBA riders made it their own as they challenged themselves to complete the ‘TT1000’ – 27 laps of the famous circuit in 30 hours.

Having enjoyed weeks of glorious spring weather (record breaking high …

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Brit Butt Rally 2011

The 2010 Brit Butt (BBR) was our first rally and we were amazed to be placed 7th; this year we were hoping for another top ten finish. No pressure there then! There is always an element of excitement to this rally that starts well before the Christmas Eve draw and this year it was even …

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