Rides in Europe

Scotland, April 2011

For a couple of Programme/Project Managers we didn’t do very well on this Scottish trip. We were late starting, we overran our time – the weather was just too poor to do some of our planned daily mileages – and I’m sure we blew the budget but the client was happy so that’s all that …

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Lithuania 2010 – Centre of Europe (Journey to the Centre of the Earth)

Thursday 21st October and our trip started as they usually do – late! This time we were waiting in for the Poland and Lithuania maps to arrive. Despite having 2 GPS’s Kevin thought that maps would be required ‘just in case’ and we’d discovered the day before that we didn’t have any for the region.

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German Butt Rally 2010

As we set off from home on Friday morning I wasn’t even sure I was going to be able to take part in the rally as I was 12 days post-rib-breaking from our slip in Romania. I was very pleased when we had been riding for a while and I was able to report no …

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Romania 2010 – Dracula Ride

Every couple of months there is an IBA UK ‘Ride to Eat’ somewhere on the continent where riders converge on a spot for a photo and a meal. In August 2010 the designated spot was Poienari Castle near Curtes de Arges in Romania (Dracula country). Having never been to Romania we decided to head down for …

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European End-to-End 2010 (IBA Finland G-N72)

The Challenge

To ride from one end of Europe to the other (Nordkapp to Gibraltar) in 72 hours


I’m sitting here writing this looking out over the most beautiful view I’ve seen this year. It’s 22:18 and the sun is still in the sky where it will apparently remain all night; the …

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Brit Butt Rally 2010

What is the BBR?

In case you don’t know, the Iron Butt Association (IBA) is a long distance/endurance riding club which originated in the U.S. and now has representation in many countries. They hold periodic scatter rallies where the rider is given a list of locations, each worth a number of points. The rider has …

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SS1000 27 December 2009

A short report

Traffic, traffic, traffic, road works, road works, road works, traffic, snow, 350 miles from home – bu**er, no rear brake (and it stayed that way), quite a bit of snow (Kevin to Lyn “Shut your eyes so you don’t see the snow, that’s what I’m doing…”), torrential rain, cold, …

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Welcome to Insanity! (SS2000 and E2E Gold)

16/17 June 2009 SS2000 and End to End Gold

“How do you fancy doing a SaddleSore 2000 with me?” asked Kevin…Hmm, that was a difficult one! Many of you may remember that in December 2007 he did a SaddleSore (SS) 1000 which I’d had the sense not to join him on but this was the …

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European Wander ’08

We were sending periodic ‘diary’ emails back to family and friends whenever we could. The following pages were compiled from those emails.

Click over the map to select sections of our ride, or chose from the links below.

  • Dover to Lake Bohinj
  • Lake Bohinj to Dubrovnik
  • Dubrovnik to Plovdiv
  • Plovdiv to Selcuk
  • Selcuk to …

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    SS1000 15 December 2007

    This article was originally writen for the PEMC magazine for publicity for the ride. Kevin then posted it much later on the Iron Butt site with comments post-ride.

    As some of you know, we lost my younger Brother Steve to prostate cancer at the beginning of September, he was 48. Over the last few months …

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